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Bill Will Allow Using Dogs To Lure Wolves To Be Killed
Idaho is considering this sick possibility

Just as I was preparing for a nice relaxing evening I received an email telling me that there is a bill pending in Idaho that will allow ranchers to use live bait, including dogs, to lure in wolves so they can be killed. For a summary of articles about this sickest of sick ideas, please click here and here

You can register your point of view (nicely, please)  but time is of the essence. Idaho Senate Agricultural Affairs Chair Jeff Siddoway can be reached at (208) 332-1330 or by email here. He will be in his office until 10 a.m. (mountain time) on Monday morning (today) before he adjourns for meetings. The committee is meeting at 1:30 p.m. that (this) afternoon to discuss the legislation.

Marc Bekoff is a professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder. literati.net
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Submitted by Anonymous | February 20 2012 |

if you don't live in Idaho... shut up

Submitted by Anonymous | February 21 2012 |

Too bad - living in Idaho does not give you special god-like rights on animal cruelty.
If you choose to encroach on the wolf native territory don't whine about loss of stock.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 22 2012 |

I live in AMERICA @$$(*)# !!!!

Submitted by Ann Ainsworth | February 20 2012 |

Using live animals as bait for wolves is wrong in so many ways. Just the terror an animal would feel that couldn't escape from the wolves is horrible. There are other ways to keep wolves at bay.

Submitted by Basil Brown | February 21 2012 |

Idaho has a Facebook page, if you wish to register your disgust. And not that Idaho is a great vacation hot spot, but a boycot would make sense.

The sponsoring senator is not without self interest. This is from Jeff Siddoway's web site: "Juniper Mountain Ranch, an elk and bison hunting preserve, was established by Jeff Siddoway in 2003. Jeff, a fourth generation sheep rancher decided to diversify the family business to include elk and bison in addition to running one of the largest range sheep operations in the west."

Submitted by Wolf Wizard | February 21 2012 |

This is nothing more than a flagrant act of animal cruelty
and I demand that this barbaric practice to STOP immediately,
OR ELSE we shall continue with our economic sanctions and boycotts
of Idaho until the senseless killing of the animal kingdom
is done away with forever or until Armageddon, whichever comes first!!

And we shall NEVER be silent, regardless of where myself and
my like-minded warriors of our noble pack live at.
We shall NEVER conform to the barbaric ways of the Old West!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | April 25 2012 |

Idaho has to be the most unhappy place in the world to live in to be willing to 'throw their dogs to the wolves'. The pain and suffering incurred by the dogs is less than nothing to the governor let alone the stress on the wolves. I will graduate with a degree in environmental policy and I plan to work with rural communities, ranchers and farmers to reach a consensus on how predators and people can co-exist. Butch Otter, governor of Idaho, said that he wanted to be the first person in Idaho to shoot a wolf. Apparently he has found a use for unwanted animals.

Submitted by Kathryn Gruenthal | May 28 2012 |

I agree with the last comment from an Environmental Policy major in working mediation for coexistance of humans and predators. In fact, I probably know who that person is. Idaho has been the first state to make wolves trophy animals when there is no reason to do so. Not many people buy wolf pelts and no one that I know of eats wolves. What is now more hideous is the idea of using dogs to bait for wolves. The majority of people of the state of Idaho must believe that killing any living thing,whether seen as an adversary or expendable, is acceptable to their leader. So it becomes acceptable in their minds.Apparently they live in the 19th century and they live in the wild west. Butch Otter is a horrible example to the people and children of Idaho. He has no morals or conscience.
We should all contact PETA and the American Humane Society to be sure that this information is disseminated.

Submitted by Anonymous | August 4 2012 |

Sad to say Africa is becoming more advanced than us when it comes to this. Ranches and farms there also faced attacks from predators, mainly Cheetahs and their numbers were also dwindled down due to the Cheetahs attacking livestock. To keep them at bay farmers over there use livestock guard dogs, typically Anatolians and it has proven successful. Much like it worked over there, routes like that can work here but seems here $$ interests win out and prove who indeed has remained as the uneducated savages. Btw some of you should look up how many permits were sold ; ) you can then see where the interest lays JUST in case hunters think even for a second it's THEIR interests being put first, they don't care about how difficult it has become to hunt some game they just want the money you can dish out for your permit. So enjoy that trophy kill and get your jollies off while you can. I respect hunters that do it to feed their families and use everything they can from the animals, the ones I DON'T respect are the ones that do it merely for sport, the latter make me sick.

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