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Alert! Help Montcalm’s shelter cats and dogs
NEW DATE! January 26, the County decides whether to stop CO2 gassing and sale for research

The Montcalm County Animal Shelter in Stanton, Michigan, is at a crossroads and needs serious public encouragement (outcry will work as well) to follow the right path. On January 12, the County must reject renewing a contract with R&R Research. For years, the USDA Class B dealer has had a lucrative contract to “dispose” of shelter dogs and cats. Essentially, they either euthanize the animals by placing them in barrels with carbon-dioxide gas or selling them to research facilities.

You can read the terrible details thanks to a thorough investigation by the Poocini Special Report. The problems don’t end at Montcalm’s border. The story reveals a larger web of contracts between other Class B dealers and other shelters in Michigan.

To learn more or take action, visit Concerned Citizens Coalition, which has petition on its site, and stay informed through Michigan Animal News.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Anonymous | January 8 2009 |

It is a travesty that in our modern days unsuspecting pets and their owners fall victim to such horrific "deals" with Class B Dealers...
Stop this and find funds in other ways, like other shelters do !!
How cruel and unethical - specially since testing on animals is not in any way justified - only outdated and cruel - feeding the bank accounts of the sickos who do it !!! STOP THIS INSANITY !!!

Submitted by Sue Maguire | January 9 2009 |

Thank you so much for linking to our website! We have finally hit the national stage thanks to all of you!

The vote will most likely be January 26th instead of January 12th.

Please, sign the petition, call or write the commissioners. We need all the help we can get!

Sue Maguire
Concerned Citizens Coalition-Montcalm

Submitted by Melissa Henchen | January 17 2009 |

I have been working with USAP and GTTD to get these dogs pulled to safety before R&R gets a chance to take them while awaiting this decision on 01/26/09...we are in hopes that his struggle to save dogs ends when they decide NOT to renew the contract...ALL MUST ATTEND the meeting to show support for NOT renewing...it does not good to just read a story...you MUST ACT!!!
In the meantime we are also collecting funds, rescuers, fosters to help save these dogs BEFORE they go to R&R for research!
email me for more info

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