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Neutering Dogs with Shoes
ZAPP sells footwear on eBay to help strays in Mexico.
Shoe sales help control the stray dog population in Mexico.

I’m never one to miss a shoe sale and recently I discovered footwear bargains that help out a great cause.

In San Felipe, Mexico, 92 percent of the area’s animals live on the street. For years, euthanasia by electrocution has been the method of choice to control the overwhelming population of 15,000-20,000 stray dogs.

Realizing that euthanasia would not solve the root of the overpopulation problem, Steven Forman founded the Zero Additional Pup-ulation Project (ZAPP) to help control strays humanely through spaying and neutering. It’s an ambitious program in an area where animal welfare is in its infancy. Forman estimates that 1,200 animals have to be spayed and neutered each month just to stop San Felipe’s stray population from growing. 

ZAPP, which relies exclusively on private donations, started Shoes for Spays to take advantage of pet loving shoe addicts hunting for bargains – a win-win situation. The program takes donations of new or gently worn shoes and resells them on eBay, which has raised enough money to spay and neuter an amazing 5,500 animals to date. 

Shoes for Spays has given me a new way to rationalize footwear purchases, but it also has me wondering about the potential of the many unworn shoes in my closet. Surely a great excuse to make room for new pairs!

Visit the Shoes for Spays website for more information on donating or buying shoes.

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo by Shoes for Spays.

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Submitted by val | July 28 2009 |

so neat to know this! it would be awsome if it spreads beyond sn. felipe or baja or to pair up w/ some other humane animal orgs to help with the overpopulation & suffering of the furry ones in other critical areas. Specially to end this euthanasia by electrocution method which is practiced by most, if not to say all "antirrabicos" (animal control) in our country. I want to help!

Submitted by Stacey | July 28 2009 |

Sounds like this program has a lot of sole. Arf.
We've got to love those doggies by donating our shoes. The ultimate in green living.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 30 2009 |

A FANTASTIC idea. Everyone should get their shoes at ZAPP, ask all their friends to and donate their unused shoes! What a great cause and especially the part about these beautiful creatures living a more humane life with a better future. Steve Forman, great job!

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