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Dogs, bunnies, chicks, kids and fawns at Rocky Ridge Refuge.

It’s like the plot of a Disney movie: An injured, stray Pit Bull, rescued off the streets of St. Louis, winds up being ministered back to health by rabbits, chicks and assorted other creatures. Taken in by Janice Wolf at Rocky Ridge Refuge in North Central Arkansas, Parfait (as she is now known) is one of many rescued animals enjoying their new lease on life with some unusual bedfellows.



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Photos from Janice Wolf of Rocky Ridge Refuge.

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Submitted by Anonymous | February 23 2011 |

wonderful - thank you Bark!

Submitted by Allison | February 23 2011 |

I've been following Rocky Ridge on Facebook for a few months now. The photos that Janice puts up and the comments she makes always make for a warm, fuzzy feeling and a good laugh. Rocky Ridge is truly a spectacular place run by a spectacular woman!!

Submitted by Whitney | February 23 2011 |

There's something about cross-species bonding (wish there was a warmer-and-fuzzier-and-less-clinical way to say that) which just melts me every time. Love those pictures and the healing that is obviously there.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 23 2011 |

Dogs are awesome!!!