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Time to Kick the Dog Out of Your Bed?
C.D.C. study: Pets can be dangerous bedfellows.

Why does someone always want to rain on the parade? Here are countless people and pets—my household very much included—enjoying perfectly wonderful and healthy nights together, when some buzzkill at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention starts throwing around zoonoses and pathogens, even bubonic plague!

I read about the C.D.C study warning about the risks of pets in your bed in The New York Times and wondered, dont these researchers have anything better to do? I can’t believe that the “risks” outweigh the emotional and physiological benefits of keeping our pets close. I’m all for precautions, as much for my dogs as for me. No fleas or ticks allowed. No licking wounds. No biting. No open-mouth kissing.
If anything worries me, it’s the sleep I lose on nights when the dogs are stealing the covers or inching too far into my real estate. For that, they get kicked to the curb.


Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com


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Submitted by Pamela | February 19 2011 |

I laugh with every latest news report about new dangers we need to fear. Driving is the most dangerous things most of us ever do and you rarely hear anyone telling us to give that up!

Submitted by Mark Heber | February 20 2011 |

How ever did we survive for thousands of years before we started getting all these warnings?

Submitted by Rose | February 19 2011 |

I f*ing concur.

Submitted by Joy and Harley | February 20 2011 |

Good Morning,

Harley and I agree with you totally !!! There's always some other person wishing to interfere with the "joy" in our spirits; whether it be in regard to our precious "canine children" and/or any other happiness we feel. All I can say to them is, "SIT, STAY and HUSH NOW".

Submitted by CollieMom01 | February 21 2011 |

I read this article in the Times over the weekend, and I just had to laugh. I got a flea in my ear once, from my cat who slept on the pillow beside my head. It was a bit weird but a little water flushed him right outta there and we went back to bed. And I think there's been a cat in bed with me ever since, although now she has to share the covers with my husband. The dogs sleep on the floor though--together they weigh about 175#, and there's just not room for all of us. But I sneak them up every once in awhile, just because it's so much fun for all of us to snuggle into the covers. The cat usually departs when I do that, however.

Submitted by Pam Floyd | February 22 2011 |

Of course we share the bed with those we love the most!one night while cuddling in bed with my Chow Noel I leaned over to kiss her and felt her heart beating against my chest-what a precious intimate moment!

Submitted by Pam Floyd | February 22 2011 |

One night I was cuddling with Noel my Chow and when I leaned over to kiss her I felt her heart beating against my chest-what a precious,intimate moment!!

Submitted by Lisa | February 23 2011 |

When I first read this story I was reminded of my sister, who remarked to me once that she had never had so many colds, flus, etc. since having her two boys.

She said that before she had children she was never sick. However, her two sons brought home every virus they picked up in daycare, kindergarten and primary school.

I don't think I've ever read a story about the Center for Disease control advising parents not to kiss their children, however.

Nor have I ever read a story suggesting that people should stop having sex with each other because of the risk of contracting an STD.

Submitted by Wendy | February 23 2011 |

I read the CDC article, all the examples cited were about poor hygiene of both the pet and owner. However, allowing livestock, like goats and pigs to share the bed is altogether different.
But go ahead and tell my 11 y/o arthritic Aussie mix he can't sleep on the bed and see how far you get.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 26 2011 |

We have 4 cats & 2 Norwegian Elk Hounds that are treasured family members. Pets ON bed, eh, not so bad. Pets IN bed, NO WAY. It would be like sleeping with shoes. Everything that hits the ground or floor would be in your bed, yuck!

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