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Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets Book Available Free
Rather than a pricey new addition, Donald R. Strombeck puts his book online

When he wrote Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets: The Healthful Alternative, Donald R. Strombeck, DVM, PhD, created one of the first-of-its-kind nutrition and dietetics books. It went on to become one of the standards for both veterinarians and those looking for an alternative to commercial pet food.


Once again the professor emeritus at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine is breaking ground and demonstrating that his overriding concern for the health of dogs and cats. When his publishers asked him to update his book for a new edition, he declined because he felt there wasn’t enough new, valuable information to warrant the update.
He and his publisher stood to make a bit of money off a new edition, but he’s not motivated that way. So when the publisher stopped printing the original, Strombeck put all the information on a website, Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets, so anyone can find and use it for free.

How great is that? There is so much important information contained in Strombeck’s book we are thrilled everyone will have the opportunity to read it and consult it often.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com

Photograph by Richard Seagraves.

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Submitted by Carolyn | January 17 2011 |

Thanks Lisa! I've just spent an informative half hour skimming through Dr. Stombeck's diets. We adopted Maggie as an adult, and long story short, she simply did not do well on commercial kibbles (skin and urinary tract issues to name two). So I transitioned her to home-cooked (Dr. Pitcairn's diets) and she has been very healthy for the past 8 years. Now though, as a senior, it seems her heart murmur is growing more worrisome. This link is very timely as I have been investigating dietary changes and supplementation for her. So I was particularly delighted to see that Dr. Stombeck offers specialized heart diets for dogs (and cats!)with a detailed explanation of what nutrients are necessary and why. Thank you! This information couldn't have come at a better time.

Submitted by Ann | January 19 2011 |

Thank you Dr. Strombeck for caring more about our pets than the bottom line!

Many pages in my copy of his book (have had it for years) has serious dog ears (pun intended). I refer to it's excellent content regularly. Great to know I now have an internet source for the material at my fingertips.

Submitted by Linda | January 23 2011 |

Thanks Dr. Strombeck. This comes at a perfect time for my dog. She's been developing crystals, and I've been wanting exactly this information so I can create a diet for her. It's very good of you to post this information online for us.

Submitted by Danielle WASHI... | February 14 2011 |

Dr. Strombeck
Thank you immensely for providing your FANTASTIC book. I live on disability and do the very best I can for my Labrador Retriever HEIDI. So I greatly appreciate you making your book available to the public. HEIDI'S TUMMY THANKS YOU, TOO!She is GORGEOUS and has the SWEETEST SPIRIT and is the HAPPIEST DOG. Our VET always says to HEIDI "Hello HEIDI, your Mom should have just called you HAPPY! While at WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital one of our GREAT DOCS suggested I acquire your book. His name is Jeff Bryan. I am sure you remember him being your student. Dr. Bryan not only impresses us, he INSPIRES US.Thank you for the impact you have on him, because he passes it on to us! Thanks Again. By the Way--DO YOU DO ANY PRIVATE CONSULTING? HEIDI HAS RECENTLY BEEN DEALING WITH FLARE UP WITH EPI-diagnosed 2003 that is when I started cooking for her. I hate to cook and I live to cook for my Labs SAM & HEIDI!!!!! she has also for the first time been having a heck of a time with SIBO and Colitis AND elevated kidney levels.*****HOW DO YOU FEED A DOG FOR EPI, COLITIS, SIBO AND EARLY KIDNEY DISEASE AND FOR ORAL MELANOMA*****HAD THE MELANOMA VACCINES AND IS CONSIDERED STAGE 0!!!!!!! SORRY FOR THIS BEING SO LONG. I JUST WANTED TO GIVE YOU THE WHOLE PICTURE IN CASE WE NEVER GET TO TALK ON THE PHONE.Danielle &HEIDI three labs laughing @ yahoo .com

Submitted by Heather Dent | August 13 2013 |

I can't seem to find where this book is offered free online. Can you tell me please. My dog has kidney stones and I believe there is a diet and recipes for this condition in his book. I can't really afford this book on my budget and would really like to find it free online.

Submitted by Claudia Kawczynska | August 14 2013 |

Just follow this link

Submitted by Sue Morgan | May 16 2012 |

I have the book and it's excellent. With a dog with digestive bowel disease who can't eat kibble this is a wonderful reference and very readable. Thank you, Dr. Strombeck, for making this available.

By the way, there is a reference on line at http://dogloverstoolbox.com/?p=11at that came up on my Goggle search that was not written by Dr. Strombeck. Dr. Strombeck doesn't recommend raw food diets.

Submitted by Elizabeth Lytle | June 2 2012 |

I am so Grateful and Thankful for this on line book I have been trying to purchase this book however it is so exspensive I was not financially able. So Thank You Thank You Dr. Donald Strombeck for your willingness to share all your widom as well as all the medical information with so many.. I only wish there was way to correspond with questions regarding some of the recipes and exact mounts for larger mounts for a few days of feeding and a weight chart with the recipes.Elizabeth Lytle

Submitted by Lola,Gracie and... | December 20 2012 |

Thank you from all of us. You have saved our Lola from pain and such horrible kidney disease. We will be forever grateful for your dedication to all of the family pets of the families far and wide.

Lola Gracie and Stella
The Wheaten Terrier gang

Submitted by patti | August 3 2013 |

I am not sure what diet to make, apparently my pup has amorphous cystals with ph of 7 no infections and was put on royal canin so which i hate

Submitted by Jean Hofve DVM | September 12 2013 |

My much-beloved and well-worn copy of this book has been one of my staples since it was published! I am thrilled and grateful that Dr. Strombeck has chosen to make this crucial information available to all pet lovers. Kudos to him!

Submitted by Mrs. Little | December 28 2013 |

THANK YOU, Dr. Strombeck for your most helpful information. My dog of 8 yrs is in the early stages of experiencing some kidney failure along with high blood pressure. He's taking medication for the BP. But on this diet you've provided for renal complications in older dogs, it does not indicate if this is a "lifetime" change or if this is just a temporary diet. You do mention the following: "With normal blood levels dietary mineral levels can be modified. It may not be necessary to continue feeding a very low phosphorus diet; doing so may result in deficiency. To increase dietary phosphorus substitute bone meal powder or tablets for calcium carbonate tablets. For example, to one of these diets providing 45 percent of the phosphorus needs, adding bone meal powder in place of 1 1/2 calcium carbonate tablets increases dietary phosphate to meet NRC requirements." So would I substitute the bone meal supplement once a week? I'm understanding it's a "permanent" lifetime change and not temporal. You're the DOC, can you please help? Thank you kindly.

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