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Vet Advice: Treating Your Dog's Diarrhea
Common canine ailment responds to home care and familiar remedies


Question: Help! my dog has diarrhea—is there anything in my medicine cabinet or on my kitchen shelf that could be used to save both of us a visit to the vet?

Answer: As a veterinarian, this author sees many patients with minor problems (such as the dog in this story) who could be treated at home safely and effectively. At the same time, there are dogs whose problems, if not addressed early enough by a veterinary professional, suffer more than they need to.

Probably the most common complaint received by veterinarians is that of diarrhea. It’s such an easy condition to identify: The smell is unmistakable, as is its chocolate-pudding appearance. Most of the time, diarrhea is caused by a dietary indiscretion or stressful circumstances, and is self-limiting. Diarrhea is not a disease; rather, it is a symptom of a dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). When associated with bad food or food-borne pathogens, diarrhea serves to rapidly remove pathogens from the GIT before they have a chance to be absorbed and cause more damage.

Warning Signs That Diarrhea Needs Medical Attention
• Black, tarry stool, or stool with copious amounts of fresh blood (bright red)

• Loss of appetite

• Marked lethargy

• Frequent vomiting

• Signs of abdominal pain (bloating, groaning, panting rapidly or avoidance response when belly is touched)

• Lasts longer than 48 hours (Since it can rapidly weaken puppies and geriatrics, or dogs with chronic diseases, they may need veterinary attention sooner.)

However, when your dog has mild diarrhea and doesn’t meet any of the above criteria, the best things to start with are a 24-hour rice-water fast; white rice balls that contain active probiotic cultures; and the oral administration of an intestinal protectant such as kaolin clay and pectin (KaoPectate™) or a suspension containing bismuth subsalicylate (PeptoBismol™). Loperamide (Imodium™) can be given if the diarrhea doesn’t resolve easily; caution is required when using this OTC medication in Collies, and don’t use it for more than five days. (Another caveat: While dogs can tolerate PeptoBismol or KaoPectate, these medications should never be given to cats, as they contain salicylates, which are potentially toxic for felines.)

Fasting your dog allows her GIT to rest and recover from whatever insult it has received. During the fast, make sure she has plenty of rice water to drink. Rice water is the creamy liquid that results from boiling white rice in water. It’s important to use a good quality white rice; “minute” rice does not work and brown rice has too much fiber in it, which does not help firm the stool because it speeds the transit of digested material through the colon.

To make rice water, boil one cup of white rice in four cups of water for 20 to 30 minutes (depending on your altitude) until the water turns creamy white. Decant the liquid and allow it to cool. You can serve the rice water to your dog as often as she will drink it. If she isn’t interested, mix a teaspoon of chicken baby food (or another flavor that your pet likes) in the rice water to increase its palatability. (Hint: One cup of white rice makes a lot of rice water!)

Probiotics—living bacterial cultures intended to assist the body’s naturally occurring gut flora in reestablishing themselves—may also help speed recovery. These live microorganisms are found in yogurt, for example, and are also available from your health food store or your veterinarian as high-potency powdered acidophilus cultures, which are more effective than yogurt for diarrhea. Mix these cultures into the rice water that you are serving your pet during its fast.



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Submitted by Anonymous | April 11 2013 |

Any chance you are feeding your dog chicken jerky treats?

Submitted by Tammy | May 6 2013 |

I'm having the same problem with my dog and yes, they do eat the chicken jerky treats as that's my dogs favorite snack. They have ate them for years now but never cause any problems. Is there a reason you asked that question? Did I miss something regarding them ? Thanks so much in advance.

Submitted by Wendy S. Baker | June 23 2013 |

I had two of my dogs poisoned by chicken jerky "treats" they are addictive to the dogs and most all are imported from China even if they say USA they don't say sourced from China- please do research! My dogs were fine for a long ime but one day something changed and each dog ended up in emergency hospital for 10 days- one with liver damage the other kidney! I now research any food products I buy for them and only make treats! I was killing them with kindness- also joined a facebook group animal parents against treats made in china-

Submitted by tanya | December 15 2013 |

my pom has been eating Dogswell duck and chicken treats for five and a half years, she loves them. could that be whats causing her diarria?

Submitted by Anonymous | April 23 2013 |

My Chihuahua had the same problem. We started taking him to a holistic Vet bcoz the the other vets couldn't figure out what was wrong despite numerous blood and fecal tests. She suspected severe food allergies. I have always fed him high quality food plus home cooked meals and nutritional supplements. So vet took blood and sent it to the lab for allergy testing and it turned out he was allergic to a few different foods including chicken! So we adjusted his,diet accordingly and also give him a powder called prozyme with every meal. They're enzymes that help break the food down in the stomach. The vet also gave us immune support supplements and after doing all this my dog has no more diarrhea! I know you already did a lot of testing and I had done the same thing with no results until I took my baby to a holistic vet. Usually these types of vets take extra courses in school and learn a lot about nutrion. I couldn't understand why the other vets didn't even consider allergies and didn't test for that. Maybe you should ask for more extensive testing such as allergies, pancreatic, etc. Do u know exactly what they're testing when they take blood? I hope you find out what's wrong with your furry one! I highly recommend a holistic vet. Saved my baby. And its very important to give dogs very nutritious high quality human grade food. Honest kitchen makes raw freeze dried food that really good. Sorry for rambling just hope your baby gets better if he/she isn't already!

Submitted by Rick | December 11 2013 |

what other foods was your baby allergic to? My friend is having the same problem with his Chihuahua and the vet says it probably to with the food. I want him to try a food without chicken. I paid for the treatment of this dog as my friend is unemployed and doesn't have the money. I don't have a lot of money myself but I can't watch this poor little thing like this. Did your dog loose weight? Zues is still playful and full of energy and has a hearty appetite. Any more suggestions I would be so grateful.

Submitted by rogers | May 16 2013 |

Our dog had the same problem and his vet couldn't find any problems. We took him to an old vet and they did a ultra sound and found a partial blockage that did not show up in the regular xray. We figured he had it in there for a month. Thank God we caught it. The blockage went from his stomach with a string 3 feet into his intestines. Surgery was done and he is still recovering going on three weeks. If you haven't had an ultrasound done I would have it done as soon as possible to eliminate this as a possible issue. Good Luck

Submitted by rogers | May 16 2013 |

Our dog had the same problem and his vet couldn't find any problems. We took him to an old vet and they did a ultra sound and found a partial blockage that did not show up in the regular xray. We figured he had it in there for a month. Thank God we caught it. The blockage went from his stomach with a string 3 feet into his intestines. Surgery was done and he is still recovering going on three weeks. If you haven't had an ultrasound done I would have it done as soon as possible to eliminate this as a possible issue. Good Luck

Submitted by Anonymous | July 1 2013 |

Your dog is probably allergic to chicken

Submitted by Bill | July 19 2013 |

I read that greenish color might suggest coccidia in the intestine. This can be treated by medicines. I have had several puppies get it by being around chickens in my backyard.

Submitted by ging takahashi | July 23 2013 |

it might be amoeba?perhaps?

Submitted by Marcia | August 22 2013 |

Same problem, my vet said to get dog food w/o corn, did this and he is fine, he cannot eat table food of any kind also cannot tolerate rawhide chew toys. - gives him diarrhea

Submitted by Diane | August 24 2013 |

My boxer had diahhrea as a pup n lost a lot of weight rapidly we found kaolin which u get from local chemists esp for animals was great and also removed any foods that contained chicken. Careful label reading of all dog foods n treats. Is fine now. He is a boxer. Hope this helps. Oh all products n specialist foods from the vet made him worse. We spent a week giving him boiled potatoes n boiled carrots in small amounts 3 times a day. This seem to stabalise his weight loss.

Submitted by Anonymous | October 26 2013 |

Fast your dog for 24 hrs, give yr dog 100% pure pumpkin 2 hrs before and after there meal
After the fast give yr dog food in small amounts gradually increase over time be patient or yr dog will get diarrhea again, limited ingredient diets would be best..

Submitted by V.S. | December 8 2013 |

Pumpkin is supposed to be good for dogs with diarrhea. Probiotics should also help his GI get back to normal

Submitted by Dawne Picciolo | December 26 2013 |

My lab had the same problems, and developed into seizures. after much trial and error we found he has corn allergies. We read all bags and avoid any kind of corn, or poultry digest.

Submitted by Maria | March 17 2014 |

My dog had diahorrea for months and the vets did the same as you say you have done for your dog. Thing is...turned out my dog was allergic to CHICKEN, so all the chicken and rice in the workld would not help her. A friend who bred Shepherds met me and said get her off chicken and give her raw TRIPE instead. I did and there was no more diarrhea

for another 13 years, when she passed away with severe arthritis. Try getting all chicken OUT of her diet and opt for the tripe or fish instead. Always check the labels tho, as they put chicken in so many things. Good luck!

Submitted by paul | June 25 2014 |

try some scrable egg not to much milk

Submitted by Chip's mom | March 24 2013 |

My dog has a healthy appitite, activity level and overall seems fine except his sudden watery poop. I have been feeding him white rice and boiled chicken for 3 days now, it seems to run right thru him and he us not drinking his normal amount of water actually he is barely drinking water at all. I called the vet sat and left a message and they are closed on sun...i dont know what to do..

Submitted by joe | May 29 2013 |

Take it to an emergency vet service you idiot. Why would you wait so long? Or don't you know that such services exist?

Submitted by Stefan D. | April 23 2013 |

It looks to me that the dosage is copied from one place to an other perpetuating the same mistake over and over again.
It is hard d to trust some one advice when the main point of the article is a copied mistake with no personal input,(other than the bla-bla-bla)
Recommended is 2mg of Imodium per 40lb dog and then 0.1mg / pound dog,
so which one is real:
- 1mg / 20lb dog (2mg /40lb divided by 2)
- 1mg /10lb dog (0.1mg/1lb X 10)????

Thank for the rice recipe.

Submitted by Anonymous | April 24 2013 |

dogs is a simple stomach animal.for mild non infective gastric problems of dogs, hold food for few hours ,give ample water with little sugar and pinch of salt you can use electral powder.can try astrigent like chilled milk+egg-beaten toghether. do not change diet abruptly.however if it is infective /if diarrhea is frequent with vomiting water loss may become serious dullness indicates fever &loss of energy,kindly consult veterinarian for timely intravenous fluid therapy and antibiotics.

Submitted by Dolores | May 10 2013 |

My black pug just had puppies 4 days ago, I gave her some milk (alittle mixed with dry food to help her since she is breast feeding) and she has gotten the diahrea for 2 days now. So I need to know what I can give her that is not going to affect the babies, or should I take her to the vet???/She is so hungry!
Thank you!

Submitted by Claudia Kawczynska | May 11 2013 |

Yes, take her to the vet asap!

Submitted by Debbie | May 16 2013 |

My dog has had diarrhea since this afternoon, along with very loud bouts of gas. My question regarding treatment and fasting is this: she is taking medication for seizures, which we give her in a teaspoon of peanut butter. Is that little bit of "food" okay if she needs to fast for 12 hours? Since she is given the pills every 12 hours, that would mean only 1 teaspoon of peanut butter.

Submitted by sassha | November 2 2013 |

could be allergic to nuts, in the wild a dog would not eat peanut butter

Submitted by kelsie | May 20 2013 |

my German Shepard pup got her 3rd shot last Thursday and has had diarrhea since last Friday they gave me meds (78$) for them and told me to do that but its not helping would the Imodium be to much for her she is 4 1/2 months old

Submitted by Anonymous | February 2 2014 |

Is imodium good for a 2 months puppy? She is a cross breed all I know is part of her is a chow chow

Submitted by Shem | May 23 2013 |

just wanna ask, one of my puppy is pooping fresh bloods with mucus in it and it smells really bad..but her brothers and sister dont..what could it be?

Submitted by Anonymous | May 25 2013 |

This puppy should see a vet ASAP.

Submitted by Anonymous | December 11 2013 |

hi she has worrms ,my puppys get that to ,go to the vet and worm meds and will be fine

Submitted by Sdeb | May 31 2013 |

My 11 year old canish(female) is suffering from diarrhea from last 1 month. The first vet gave me some pills for diarrhea(cant recall the name now)but that didnot help me, asked another vet, he gave tinidazol twice daily, but that didnot help either. She doesn't eat rice. She has become very weak, what should i do? Please dont tell me to put it down..:(

Submitted by Sdeb | May 31 2013 |

The first medicine i gave her was entero chronic. it didnot work. So please could i get some advice?

Submitted by Lizzy | June 3 2013 |

find another vet ASAP and get that puppy help! Keep looking until you find someone that can help! don't just sit around waiting! I have never seen so many stupid comments from people, who are asking other people who have know idea what they are talking about! Ask a vet instead! They are the ones that have the answers to help!

Submitted by Ron | September 15 2013 |

Lighten up a bit. Multiple trips to different vets at $100 or more a pop plus meds and labs is really tough on a lot of people. When one of our kids would get sick it wasn't at all unusual to check with friends and family for advice. Sometimes the advice was "it sounds serious you need to go to a doctor or e/r. Sometimes there were simple otc or home remedies. The kids all lived. There's nothing wrong with asking for advice as long a you're not just being lazy. It doesn't mean we don't love our pets if we're asking for others to share their experiences. The fact that people are asking shows that they care.

Submitted by nick | October 26 2013 |

Fast for 24 hours give 100% canned pumpkin 1 tablespoon every 2 hrs
Then start off with one boiled egg gradually increase
Give pumpkin 2 hrs before and after her meals

Submitted by jhalsey | December 24 2013 |

find a vet that does not charge money or one that accepts donations there are some out there

Submitted by Carly | June 22 2013 |

My dog (15 month old pyrenese cross) had a bout of diarrhea today. I followed the advice of this blog and my only issue is the recipe for making rice water didn't make water but almost a gluey rice pudding! What did I do wrong? I'm sure it's just as good...but I'd like to know a better recipe for the future.

Submitted by mel | June 24 2013 |

hi wandering if anyone could help me? My dog is 2 and a half and i have been back and forth to my vet with a diarrhea prob since we got her. I have tired dif diets including putting boiled rice in her food currently she is on beta sensitive. She was much better on it but lately things have been going back to the old way which consists of a normal stool then a runny one or just runny ones, or just diarrhea out of the blue sometimes she is out walking and its just dripping from her she doesnt seem to realise its really getting to me as u dont no what way she will be when walking and it can be very hard to clean up when out. Any help or advise would be great thank you.

Submitted by Diana | November 7 2013 |

I also am going through a horrible diarrhea bout with my border collie. did the fast , rice and etc. only worked for a while. dang it if you find what helps PLEASe email me , dianasmuck@gmail.com.
thank you

Submitted by Lynn | June 24 2013 |

Try canned Pumpkin - Pure pumpkin, not the pie mix.
It's good for both diarrhea and constipation in dogs. If a small dog, then only about 1/2 - 1 tablespoon.

Submitted by Sidney | July 28 2013 |

My Airedale has food allergies, and after slowly switching kibble brands due to the last one having 2 recalls, the current food - Instinct Rabbit - seems to be causing him diarrhea. Is it OK to try supplementing this food with pumpkin, or should I try yet another brand.

Submitted by Bobbie | August 19 2013 |

my shepherd pup got into a plate of food that was my kids set down, and now she has diarrhea. She is 6 months old is it ok to give her an amodium? I saw that some gave it to their dog, but i didn't know if she was old enough?

Submitted by Ron | September 15 2013 |

I don't believe it can be given to Shepherds. I think that Collies are a no, as are a handful of other breeds and cats. Do more research to see if your breed is one of them. Pepto was listed as safe in the article I read. If you have a regular vet you should be able to call and ask. I'll look for that article and post an update if I find it.

Submitted by Karen | August 20 2013 |

Hi all, just a bit of advice needed. I have had my 10 month old yorkshire terrier for 6 weeks. Last week it sounded like she had something stuck in her throat followed by severe diarrhea. She was then sick the following night. I got up this morning to another load of diarrhea even though she has only had a small amount of her regular food. She is absolutely fine in herself, still giddy and drinking and even still going for her food bowl with dry biscuits. Do you think it could be the meat i am giving her (pedigree chum with gravy) or something more serious. She got a clean bill of health from the vets last week but this was before the diarrhea started. Any advice would be appreciated.

Submitted by Elizabeth Reed | November 25 2013 |

Did you ever find out what the problem was? So strange... my 6 y.o. pit bull seems to be going through the same thing. Last night, he had a little reverse-sneezing episode with a gag/hack at the end, and now totally liquid diarrhea. 4 times in the past 10 hours. Poor guy. Other than that, though, he's totally normal and happy. Gave him an Imodium after last potty a couple hours ago, and just took him out again - still liquid.

Submitted by Monica | December 8 2013 |

Hi, I have a Yorkie at home who has a seriously sensitive tummy and what I am guessing is an allergy to beef. I have to give him prescription food (DD formula made with venison and rice) and this keeps him stable. I mix a little canned chicken into the food to help it to have a more appetizing odor.

Submitted by jp59 | August 21 2013 |

I brought a dog home from the help shelter yesterday. While training him I was rewarding him with treats. He developed diareha, so bad he went in his crate last nite. He has not eaten any of the dog food (science diet) that the shelter provided. Today he has had a dentistix and half a milkbone but that's it. He is drinking water but not eating. He's been laying around all day. I did give him a small amount of Imodium this morning. I'm concerned....what should I do. I have an appointment at the vet on Tuesday.

Submitted by Claudia Kawczynska | August 21 2013 |

I would call your vet today and explain what is happening. They'll be able to offer advice even before the office visit. Do NOT wait a week.

Submitted by Suzanne | September 12 2013 |

My otherwise healthy 15.5 year old Aussie has had nearly chronic diarrhea since early June. Three months. It's very liquid often, like water, occasionally pudding like, usually gaseous and rarely more often than her usual 2 times a day. She's had several vet checks, blood tests, one round of antibiotics for a bacteria found, and no improvement, even with probiotics and ID (Science Diet GI formula). She didn't like the rice/chicken I made one week, and I'm stumped. Can you please advise? I'm so baffled!

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