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Baby Squirrel and His Dogs

A wonderful pictorial story of a very unique animal rescue—amazing how the dogs took to this little baby squirrel.


Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and editor in chief. thebark.com

Imgur, LLC

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Submitted by Anonymous | December 12 2013 |

That's why, I love dogs! "God's love - abounds," with his gentle creatures. Christi, thank you, for sharing...OOO, and blessings! ..."G-man!"

Submitted by Lindley Barden | December 12 2013 |

This seems very sweet, Claudia, but will be a MAJOR problem for the squirrel if/when you release him back to the wild. His friendship with your dogs will cause his demise, as he won't be afraid of ANY dogs! (I am a wildlife rehabber, and have unfortunately seen this happen.)

Submitted by Anonymous | December 15 2013 |

Well you don't need to be such a downer about it...

Submitted by bryan | December 31 2013 |

then maybe they should keep it

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