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Most Trendy Dog Names
Vetstreet identifies naming themes over the past 12 years
My Pixar-named pups: Nemo from Finding Nemo and Remy from Ratatouille.

Pet names can tell you a lot about a person’s personality. Some people follow themes around favorite things. I love Pixar movies so I named all of my pups after characters from the movies. Others have a preference for sweet sounding names or tough sounding names. And as more people consider their pets a part of the family, more dogs are getting names traditionally set aside for humans.

In 2011, the most popular dog names were Max, Buddy, Bella, and Daisy. (Funny enough, I don’t know any dogs that go by those names!) Max, which has held the top spot for several years, may be the most popular, but apparently it’s not the most trendy.

Pet care website, Vetstreet, searched their records and determined the top 10 names that have been trending over the past 12 years. The names that came up include Lola, Stella, Bentley and Diesel.

In its research, Vetstreet found a resurgence in short, old-fashioned nicknames, like Lulu and Milo; endearing, cozy-sounding names, like Lulu and Zoey; traditional human names, like Stella and Cooper; and names from pop culture, like Marley from the book and movie Marley and Me and Nala, the female cub in The Lion King.  The website expects the name of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s new puppy, Lupo, will be very popular next year.

Vetstreet believes that these themes reflect the personal attachment that we have with our pets these days.  And I also think it shows how obsessed with are with pop culture!

Have you noticed any popular or trendy names in your neighborhood?

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.
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Submitted by Tammy | March 6 2012 |

Our dogs names are Dakota and Brooklynn:) Not trendy, but fit their personalities well.

Submitted by Anonymous | March 6 2012 |

My dog's name is Merlin (a border collie, he's a magician at getting through closed doors, etc.). A friend named her beagles Dexter (after the Showtime anti-hero) and Josie (after "The Outlaw ....).

Submitted by Rachel | March 6 2012 |

People in Israel like to give their dogs foreign sounding names - which means English names!

My dog came from the shelter with the name 'Linda' and I didn't change it as it means 'beautiful' in Portuguese, and we do think she is beautiful!

Her best friend is called 'Haver' - which means 'friend' in Hebrew - and he is everyone's best friend.

And then there is 'Cookie' (black & white like an Oreo) and 'Boots' (bootie-like markings), Ginger (colour of) and Sheleg (white as snow)...

Submitted by Stacy | March 6 2012 |

My 13-year old Schnoozer is a Daisy...our puppy is Callie. I know a lot of Bellas and Buddys. Penny's a popular name, too.

Submitted by Kathi | March 6 2012 |

I thought I was being original naming my dog Cooper..Apparently not:)

Submitted by Birdy | March 6 2012 |

I have two Chihuahuas named Macho Man & Mighty Girl. So far, I have not met any other... ;)

Submitted by Anonymous | March 7 2012 |

Jack and Hec after those dastardly Pirates of the Caribbean. They are true to their names, monstrous min pins who take their plunder up to the landing to tear apart. Quite the comic relief.

Submitted by Anonymous | March 7 2012 |

In my life I have had: Mr. Dooley, Terry, Maxwell, Megan, Chica, Sadie, Edgar A. Poe, and Frankie Stein. Most were rescues and each one has a special place in my heart. We currently have Poe and Frankie, two very funny dogs.

Submitted by Anne | April 6 2012 |

My dog, a Silky terrier, is Robbie. He came to me at age 6 with the name, and it suits him. I know 2 dogs named Coco - a chocolate lab and a chihuahua - and have known 2 Cassies and a Casey. My neighbours had a Chewy (for Chewbacca).

Submitted by Anonymous | April 20 2012 |

I named my dog Mini Cooper because he's a Mini[ature] Poodle, and I like the cars. I used to have a border collie named Mrs. Pollifax (from the books/movies).

Submitted by Anonymous | September 24 2012 |

My maltese dog is named Sir Fufe No No... never met another named anything like him. He's an original

Submitted by Michelle | September 25 2012 |

Zaftig - an extremely obese Cocker Spaniel rescue, Jonah after Jonah Koslen of the Michael Stanley Band, Jagermeister, Yoda (a Pekingese, the name definitely fit), Hudson - found partially paralyzed in a parking lot on Hudson Drive (he recovered) and Lana, a very Diva-
esque Cocker Spaniel and also named after Lana Turner.

Submitted by Fred | January 17 2013 |

I don’t believe “Lucky” is not mentioned. I have heard so many dogs named Lucky I have lost count. I know of owners who write their dog’s name on the dog collar and leash and a phone number so that should they suddenly run away, people will know who they are. I have seen the weirdest names on these collars and leashes, names such as Jar Jar Binks and Master Sensei. I was once buying some new puppy supplies for an animal shelter when I saw someone at the puppy supply department shout, “Sheldon Cooper!” “Sheldon Cooper” arrives, a huge Saint Bernard, sniffing away at the dog snack department.

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