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NCIS Character Mentions Bark
The takeaway: Adopting mutts is hip
Deeks tells Kensi about Bark magazine.

The Bark got an unexpected shout-out last night on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” About 14 minutes into the episode, Deeks, an LAPD officer played by Eric Christian Olsen, heads to a café with Kensi, a special ops field agent played by Daniela Ruah, to track down members of a Libyan resistance movement. In the backseat of their car perches an adorable rescue mutt named Monty. He actually looks a lot like Deeks, who tries to convince Kensi the dog will be perfect cover for their undercover work. He tells her, “it is actually requirement for young, hip couples in Los Angeles to have rescue dogs.”

He plans to have Monty pose as a service animal to get into the café. When Kensi looks skeptical, Deeks explains a little more about service animals. “I read about it in Bark magazine,” he says. “Did you get that? Bark magazine? Their motto is Dog Is My CoPilot? No? Not gonna fly?” At this point, Monty leans forward from the backseat and plants a big lick on Kensi’s face. (Of course, we wish the script had Monty join the pair in the café rather than leaving him in the car on a warm day—even with the NPR playing.)

Later on in the episode, named of all things “Deadline” (just as we were putting the finishing touches to our November issue), Monty is awarded a badge for his policing work. Nice touch! Go Monty.

The episode can be viewed on the CBS show website.

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Submitted by Shari | October 12 2011 |

So awesome!! You guys are (even more) famous!

Submitted by Porch Trushaw | October 12 2011 |

If ya' know Bark it's very coooolll, If ya' don't it seems like wise a-- Detective Deeks is makin' it all up.... Bark IS REAL FOLKS !!!!! Dog IS their co-pilot !!!!

Submitted by Chris | October 12 2011 |

Yep!!My dogs & I were watching!! Great free advertising!!! Go Bark!!

Submitted by Carolyn | October 12 2011 |

My dad probably got such a chuckle out of that. He's a big NCIS fan, and a Bark fan -- he reads my issue before forwarding it to me here in Belize. Too cool!

Submitted by Anonymous | October 17 2011 |

The actress' name is Daniela Ruah (not Rush)!!!

Submitted by Iowa Dog Blog | October 17 2011 |

Congrats! Monty is so cute--and what a great dog name!

Submitted by Anonymous | October 18 2011 |

I just rescued our Shelbie that looks just like Monty. Would you know what breeds might be mixed in?

Submitted by Kay Stephenson | October 28 2011 |

Watched the episode earlier this week and whooped when I heard the reference to Bark! way to go. And yes, I was troubled that they left Monty in the car too. It looks like Monty is going to be a regular part of Deek's life, so maybe we can convince the writers to correct that in a future episode. Kinsey could read up on it in Bark and then let Deek's know the error of his ways :-)

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