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Cool Weather Crazies
Is your dog peppier now?

There’s a wondrous time between the sweltering heat of summer and the deep cold of winter. It’s the season of vibrantly colored leaves, cool mornings, favorite sweaters and apple cider.

If you have a dog, it might also be the season of insane amounts of energy expressed in the form of running in circles, racing back and forth or with a bit of a lapse in attention and responsiveness. These bouts of boundless energy have been called by many names. My favorite is “puppy zoomies” though the condition can affect a dog of any age.

So many dogs seem to come alive when the weather cools off. If you live with one of them, each autumn is a reminder that in summertime, your dog’s calmness is the canine equivalent of sitting on a porch with a glass of lemonade wishing for a cool breeze.

Is your dog enthusiastic about the fall weather?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Frances | October 14 2011 |

I think you probably have a different climate to us - here Autumn tends to be very wet and muddy, and the problem is to persuade the dogs out of the door at all! They do love the frosty mornings and the first snow, though.

Submitted by Bob G | October 14 2011 |

My two Siberians definitely pep up when the weather cools. But they are really waiting for the first snow, whereupon they go nuts.

Submitted by Bill | October 14 2011 |

I have a golden and he definitely prefers the cooler weather, if fact he prefers the winter and loves to play in the snow! In the summer he needs to be near the water to enjoy himself.

Submitted by Lisa | October 14 2011 |

Oh, boy. Yes, yes, yes!

When the cool autumn weather arrives my dogs start behaving like puppies again.

They perk up noticeably, zooming out the door for our walks. Sometimes I can hardly keep up with them as they trot enthusiastically ahead of me, excitedly sniffing and sighting the squirrels, and we can go for much longer walks than we do when heat is a factor. (This enthusiasm is usually lacking during the summer months).

Spring and fall are my favourite seasons now. Because when my dogs are happy, I'm happy.

Submitted by Pam Floyd | October 14 2011 |

My 2 chows LOVE the cool weather last nite Noel my little red girl was running in circles they love winter and thru them I appreciate winter more

Submitted by Bill | October 14 2011 |

My golden definitely prefers the cooler weather, the colder the better. In the summer he has to be near water or he just doesn't enjoy himself. In the winter he is like a different dog.

Submitted by Iowa Dog Blog | October 17 2011 |

Yes! My dogs are getting extra frisky as the weather cools down (although it hasn't been cooling down too much in Iowa until this week). They get especially frisky as the fall breezes blow through, carrying tantalizing scents. And we all love crunching through the leaves.

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