Carousel Dogs—Old and New
  • On the block: Herschell Spillman Carousel Dog, American, Country Fair Style. Estimate: $15,000
  • One of five Carousel Greyhounds, in the style of Charles Looff, up for auction on Sunday. Estimate: $4,000
  • Carousel Greyhound, in the style of Charles Looff, American, Coney Island Style. Fine, older paint. No estimate.
  • Joshua (top) and Petal carved by Tim Racer and painted by Pam Hessey. One figure can take Racer up to 600 hours to carve.
  • Joshua and Petal were commissioned by Jane Berkey. They were the inspiration for her to found Animal Farm Foundation (AFF).
  • Last week, Tim Racer took the recently completed Joshua to New York to be mounted with Petal in true carousel-style.

On September 25, five dog figures will be among the carousel animals up for auction at Guernsey’s auctioneers in New York City. Listed are four Greyhounds “in the style of Charles Looff” and a Spaniel by Herschell Spillman. As fans of carousel animal carvings, especially rare and delightful canine figures, we wanted to know a little more about what will be on the block, so we called Tim Racer, a carousel figure carver in Oakland, Calif. He gave us his appraisal (read our Q&A) and, to our delight, shared images of his just-completed creation—a fabulous pair of carousel Pit Bulls for Jane Berkey, founder of Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) in upstate New York.

Photos of vintage carousel animals from Guernseys.com. Photos of Petal and Joshua by Tim Racer.

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Submitted by Anonymous | September 21 2011 |

absolutely beautiful.

Submitted by BrittanyT | September 21 2011 |

Will it be possible to purchase one of Tim's pieces in the future??

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | September 22 2011 |

I believe Tim continues to accept commissions. You can learn more and contact him at his website, timracer.com.

Submitted by Ingrid | September 21 2011 |

Tim, your work is amazing!!

Submitted by Anonymous | September 23 2011 |

Stunning! Simply stunning! I am dreaming of a piece like this made in the likeness of my own pit bull. He is amazing with our children. What a tribute to him it would be.

Submitted by Boris Orso | September 26 2011 |

Tim Racer's heart for dogs comes through in his pieces. You need to go to his sight to see the works in progress to see the transformation. His ability to carve out the spirit of the dog is only outshadowed by his advocacy which pulls out the true spirit of Pit Bulls.
Thanks for sharing, Boris CGC, Class of '07

Submitted by Anonymous | September 29 2011 |

nice of you to tell us what to do with no links....

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | September 29 2011 |

There are links in the post above that will lead you to Tim's website, BADRAP and Animal Farm Foundation. Lisa

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