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Dogs herd balls in a new sport from Germany

I've always wanted to try herding with my Shelties, but it’s not easy to find sheep in the New York City area! Nemo is also a little impulsive, so his interaction with a sheep or duck seems like a big wild card to me. I guess I’m a little worried he’d pounce on a duck or get run over by a sheep, though admittedly I know nothing about herding.

This week, I discovered a sport that could let us try herding without having to drive out to a farm. In Treibball, German for driving ball, dogs are directed by their human handlers to herd eight balls (which sort of look like exercise balls) into a net.

The sport originated in Germany in 2003 and competitions have been held since 2008.  Even if you have no interest in ever getting that serious, Treibball looks like a lot of fun.

Treibball has only recently come over to the United States. Some training schools have Treibball classes, but if you don’t have any in your area, there’s a Treibball book available so you can train at home.  You can also join the American Treibball Association Facebook group to meet other enthusiasts.

I know a lot of people who are always looking for activities to do with working breeds, but access to sheep is limiting. Treibball is a fun sport that is accessible to all families with dogs. With the winter coming up, I’m thinking it would be fun to set up a modified version of this game indoors with smaller playground balls.

Check out this video to see what Treibball is all about.


JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.
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Submitted by Anonymous | October 8 2010 |

We are holding classes in Northern California and really enjoying the sport. www.livingwithdogs.us

Submitted by Anonymous | April 16 2011 |

We are so excited about this new sport! Dog Zone Training & Activity Center in Clinton Twp, MI will be the first place in Michigan with a Certified Trainer in Treibball.

Come join us as we set this game ablaze! Certified Trainers from all over can come and get their certification here with Donna J. Zaj and take it back to their region. Then let the games begin as we hold competitions! Check us out at www.dogzonemi.com

Submitted by Fido Fitness Club | September 6 2011 |

Fido Fitness Club in Woodmere, New York (Nassau County, Long Island) will be bringing the first Treibball seminar to Long Island! Seminar is November 20th. For more information or to register, please contact us at 516-569-3647

Submitted by OurFurryFriends | September 9 2011 |

Treibball Preparation and Foundation Classes are coming this Fall to Our Furry Friends Training Center in the Placerville and Sacramento areas in Northern California. As folks progress through the Beginning Levels, there will be other classes offered, leading up to the outdoor class which will help teams prepare for some outdoors fun matches!!

Submitted by Kathy Weaver, G... | October 28 2011 |

Treibball Training Workshop with Sandi Pensinger in Lynnwood, Washington.

Learn how to train your dog to be an enthusiastic treibball herder with Sandi Pensinger, author of the "Treibball Ball Herding Handbook" at her 2-Day Treibball Training Workshop on November 19 & 20 at Four Paw Sports Center in Lynnwood, WA. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn about the sport of treibball and techniques for training, including shaping and progressive reinforcement for targeting, orientation, distance control and ball driving.

If you're an instructor already teaching or planning to teach treibball, don't miss the Treibball Intensive Instructor Seminar on Friday afternoon, November 18. Sandi will present techniques to motivate students using a variety of reward-based tools and shaping techniques while progressively raising criteria. She'll review how to teach classes for a variety of students from pet owners to dog sports competitors. She'll provide an overview of the origins of the sport, the venues and the future of the sport.

CPDT has approved this workshop for CPDT-KA CEUs.

For more details and registration form, visit www.goodtimecanines.com, email info@goodtimecaines.com or call Kathy Weaver at 206-355-4434.

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