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Famous Namesakes for Canines
Celebrities serve as an inspiration for naming our pets
Nemo and Remy with their Disney namesake Valentine's Day cards.

Lately, New York is in a bit of a Derek Jeter fever since he became the first Yankee in the team’s history to reach the 3,000-hit plateau. The shortstop has always been popular, and I know several people who’ve named their pets after him.

According to the New York Times, there are 33 dogs in New York City registered under the name Jeter, but I’m guessing there are many more Jeters who are not officially accounted for (I've heard that as little as 20 percent of dogs in the Big Apple are registered).

It’s always been popular to name pets after celebrities or athletes.  My cat, Izzy, is named after former New York Islanders left winger, Brad Isbister, and my Sheltie’s registered name is Ya Gotta Believe, a nod to the New York Mets’ rally call, so you can imagine that Jeter didn’t cross my mind!

For his “call name,” I stayed away from sports all together and went with the title character from the movie Finding Nemo. Keeping with the Pixar theme, my newest puppy, Remy, is named after the main character from Ratatouille.

Are your pets named after a celebrity or famous character?

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.
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Submitted by Leland | July 11 2011 |

My dog, Angelo, is waiting for someone to name their human child after him! He thinks he's the center of the universe, but then, he kinda is! At least my universe. The fact that his book (Angelo's Journey, available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004RYW53U/ ) is selling as well as it is has kinda gone to his head, too.

What about dogs named after politicians? Think Adolf or Cheney or Bush will ever catch on?

Submitted by Anonymous | July 11 2011 |

My girl is named Ruby, after the Rancid song Ruby SoHo, plus she's a red Pitbull

Submitted by Susie M | July 11 2011 |

Two of my Westies are named for the Princes William and Harry! :)

Submitted by Leland | July 11 2011 |

What a great idea, naming them for the Princes!

Submitted by Carolyn | July 11 2011 |

I'm in Kalamazoo at the moment, Derek Jeter's hometown, where he is a massive hero. Lots of coverage on him and I got to thinking Jeter would be a great name for a dog ... apparently I wasn't alone on that!

Submitted by Melissa | July 11 2011 |

Our dog Gracie is named after the song of the same title written by Ben Folds. The song was written about his daughter and we love the song and the name!

Submitted by Laurel | July 11 2011 |

Our dog is named Alice, after Alice the maid from The Brady Bunch. Love her!

Submitted by EDDOGPhotog | July 11 2011 |

My dogs are named after the hobbits from Lord of the Rings. Their names are Merry, Pippin, and Rosie!

Submitted by K9partnership | July 11 2011 |

Isabella Rossilini- my girl Isabella Rhodesian Ridgeback

Submitted by amy mullins | July 11 2011 |

Our German Shepherd is named Cameron after a character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Submitted by Lisa Potter | July 11 2011 |

I wanted to give my first dog a name from Tolkein, but none of his female names seemed to fit her, so I simply named her "Hobbit".

Submitted by B | July 11 2011 |

My dog is named after an Irish priest in the Irish sitcom Father Ted, Dougal. I often tell people his breed is an Irish potato hound (even though he is a Golden Retriever mix that looks like a black lab). You wouldn't believe how many people believe me. :)

Submitted by Sarah | July 11 2011 |

My puppy's name is Crosby, after Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburg Penguins and Team Canada :)

Submitted by Rick | July 11 2011 |

Our girl Rosie is named in honor of Bruce Springsteen's "Rosalita".

Submitted by Nina L. | July 11 2011 |

My LWD (little white dog) is named after my literary hero Sam-I-Am from "Green Eggs and Ham". He came from the Humane Society with the name Scruffy,I felt he deserved better and he is such a brave and funny boy, just like his namesake.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 11 2011 |

I have 3 dogs named Jeter, Mattingly and Torre.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 11 2011 |

My Westie is named Robert Burns (by-name "Rabbie") after Scotland's famous poet.

Submitted by Stephanie | July 11 2011 |


Submitted by Erica | July 12 2011 |

My dogs are Sammy and Dino, for Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin. (I tell kids that it's like Dino from the Flintstones, though!) I have my very own rat pack. :-)

Submitted by Wendy | July 12 2011 |

My best friends name is Linus...from the Peanuts cartoon. Linus is my security blanket!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | July 12 2011 |

Carlisle for twilight, ithilien for lord of the rings, and serenity for firefly!

Submitted by Gin | July 19 2011 |

My dog's name is Cash for the legendary singer

Submitted by Anonymous | July 21 2011 |

Our little Dexter is not named for the famous serial killer (although everyone thinks he is). He's actually named for the lead singer of a favorite band, the Offspring.

Submitted by Jewel | August 9 2011 |

Our dogs are named Gary Cooper (he was Cooper at the Humane Assoc shelter, so we added Gary) and Dexter, to which we tell people he kills our patience since he's a wheaten terrier mix. Dex came to us named and had a pretty tumultuous life before arriving to our house so we kept the last name he'd been stuck with. Our previous pups were mild mannered Clark (Kent) and Syd, named for a former 1st baseman on the Atlanta Braves, Sid Bream.

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