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Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Favorite Shelter or Rescue
Winner of free private screening of Hotel for Dogs to be announced soon

(Update: Thanks to everyone who nominated a deserving shelter and rescue organization. It's been inspiring to hear about all the wonderful efforts to help companion animals around the country. The contest is now closed to entries. We'll announce the winner of the Hotel for Dogs screening soon.)

Thanks In the new movie Hotel for Dogs, a couple of street-smart siblings in a foster home with a strict no-pets policy hide a feisty Jack Russell Terrier in an abandoned hotel. With the help of a few friends, they are soon providing love and shelter to a motley assortment of city strays, keeping them happy, healthy and well fed with some truly ingenious inventions. (Go behind the scenes with Alysia Gray Painter in the Jan/Feb '09 issue.)

While vending machines that spit out shoes for chewers and automatic ball launchers aren’t available in most shelters or foster homes, Hotel for Dogs celebrates something very real—the heart, hard work and creativity behind every successful rescue effort. That’s what Bark loves about this movie, and why we’re thrilled to share it with folks who know all about fighting the good fight for dogs.

In partnership with Bark, Paramount Pictures is offering a free private screening of Hotel for Dogs to a shelter organization or rescue group (and its choice of employees, volunteers and supporters) at a local movie theater. From humane societies to small grass-roots networks, all are welcome. Entries should be posted as comments below,  so that we can all read about these inspiring programs to help homeless companion animals.

HOW TO ENTER: Nominate your favorite shelter or rescue in 100 words or less as a comment below by February 15, 2009. No phone calls. A winning organization will be selected at random from all qualified nominations and announced on TheBark.com. Please note: Multiple entries from the same address or duplicate entries will be disqualified. Screening can be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, excluding holidays, in a 200-seat theater. Theater location based upon availability.

Important fine print: This film is rated PG. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of prizes assumes any and all risks related to use of prizes and accepts any restrictions required by prize provider. Paramount Pictures, Terry Hines and Associates, Bark Magazine and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Prizes cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible if, for any reason, winner is unable to use his/her prizes in whole or in part. Not responsible for lost, delayed or misdirected entries. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary. Participating sponsors their employees and family members and their agencies are not eligible.


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Submitted by Tory | January 9 2009 |

I'd like to nominate the Colorado Animal Rescue Shelter, an organization that works tirelessly to better the lives of the animals that come through its doors. With training classes and a warm and welcoming offer of help to new adoptive parents, CARE is a top-notch place to wait for your forever home.

Submitted by Annette Becker | January 9 2009 |

I am nominating Free To Live Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit, no kill sanctuary located in central Oklahoma. As room permits, we take in,
house and provide medical care and love to stray, abandoned and abused dogs and cats. We normally house about 400 animals and all are spayed or neutered, given shots and health tests before being put up for adoption.

Approximately 500 to 600 animals are adopted into good homes each year and hundreds more find homes through our pet listing referral service.

Free To Live is a true no-kill sanctuary with a staff of 15 and a volunteer base of about 250 people.

Submitted by Jane Lauter | January 9 2009 |

Norfolk Animal Care Center in Norfolk, Virginia is, by far, the most improved shelter in our area. This is a city shelter that has hired caring staff, a vet tech, a director who is an animal trainer, etc. The shelter is immaculate and the dogs and cats are loved on and walked constantly. You wouldn't even believe this is the municipal shelter!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | January 9 2009 |

What i think about this movie hotel for dogs is first off is the name of the movie.And the girls and boys rescue the dogs all around the city before they get caught by the humane society and i think the people who saved the dogs are sweet and cind and allso sensitive.I think who ever wrote this movie is vary smart and creative allso.The people who act on this movie are vary good but i whould say asome instead of good and many people should see that movie.

Submitted by Marilyn Brown | January 10 2009 |

I would like to nominate as my favorite rescue organization the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies located in Golden, Colorado. This organization has rescued and placed in their forever homes over 400 dogs in the past year. I have been a foster parent to over 20 dogs so far and have also become the permanent parent of one of them - they call us foster failures! This organization is an all volunteer group that rescues Golden Retrievers and other breeds. It is a well deserving group of volunteers!

Submitted by Cathy Murphy | January 10 2009 |

I would like to nominate MCPAWS of McCall Idaho. The staff and volunteers are a great group of people dedicated to helping homeless animals. Prior to 1998 McCall did not have a "animal shelter". Now the lost and homelss animals have a safe and warm place to stay until they find a new home. Thank you MCPAWS.

Submitted by Caroline | January 10 2009 |

I'd like to nominate Rocket Dog rescue in San Francisco. Pali Boucher and her team do such a great job placing dogs, with very few resources. Pali puts everything she has into saving lives because, as she will tell you, the dogs saved her live. She is truly a hero.


Submitted by Anonymous | January 10 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Adams County SPCA located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. They are truly a voice for the voiceless. The staff are so dedicated to the mission for the animals. They believe in all aspects of the need for care and education for those lost, abandoned, and neglected souls. They are highly involved personally as well as professionally. The staff there deserve a great big high five. I would love to see them have an extra special treat for a job well done !!!

Submitted by Rebecca Seedorf | January 10 2009 |

The Norfolk Animal Care Center is a city animal control that actually cares about each animal they receive. Employees try very hard to ensure that all animals get adopted into forever homes, but the work never ends. More people need to become aware of this center in order to save more lives. We have improved conditions for the animals, expanded our volunteer base, and are now in need of resources to help spread the word about our center. Choosing the NACC will allow us to show the public we are open for pet adoptions and that we actually care.

Submitted by Karen L. | January 10 2009 |

Norfolk Animal Care Center received some very negative press in the summer of 2007, but since then has used more than its share of elbow grease to hugely improve operations and staffing. The result has been a clean shelter with friendly, knowledgeable staff and volunteers. However, the shelter continues to suffer from identity deficiency, as too many people in our city know the Norfolk SPCA, but not our city-operated facility. The screening would present an ideal opportunity to introduce more of our community to the “new and much improved” NACC.

Submitted by Linda | January 10 2009 |

When I moved to McCall, Idaho in 1995, lost dogs were incarcerated in a tiny concrete-block shed. The police could not take adequate care of the dogs and no cats were rescued at all. A group of concerned citizens created an organization named MCPAWS. These angels cared for the dogs and lobbied for better treatment and facilities. They raised funds and awareness,finally getting a facility donated. Today MCPAWS has a beautiful shelter housing dogs and cats from the entire county. All adoptees are neutereed and a cadre of dedicated volunteers socialize the animals prior to adoption. MCPAWS deserves my nomination.

Submitted by Nick Beaven | January 10 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Dearborn, MI. They do amazing work! Visit them at www.dearborn-animals.com

Submitted by Juli | January 10 2009 |

I adopted my two cats from the Dearborn (MI) Animal Shelter; their community cat trailers are a great way to showcase felines in a friendly, stress free (and cage free!) environment.
Visit them at www.dearborn-animals.com

Submitted by Debora | January 10 2009 |

I would like to nominate NorCal Collie Rescue because of the fantastic work they have done in placing collies and finding foster homes over the last few years. They also put out a very informative newsletter with pictures of dogs who have gone to Rainbow Bridge, dogs who have been placed and information on how to take care of rescue dogs. http://www.calcollierescue.org

Submitted by Copper | January 10 2009 |

Without a doubt, I think Animal Rescue, Inc. should win this contest.
Animal Rescue, Inc., is a non-profit, no-kill Sanctuary for Life. It's located at the MD/PA Line and has been in existance for over 34 years. They are a shelter for the homeless, abused and abandoned dogs & cats from Maryland & Pennsylvania and the number of animals they have helped for over three decades needs to be recognized. In addition, they offer low-cost spay/neuter services, TNR programs and Rabies clinics, etc. They're open 7days a week and seldom take time to do anything for themselves since some creature is always in need of their help. Please give them a night off to enjoy a movie. You can see the good work they do at http://www.animalrescueinc.org.
By the way, I'm a Beagle who lived in a puppymill before Animal Rescue, Inc. saved me. They have helped hundreds of other puppymill dogs and, after repairing our wounds & healing our hearts & minds, make it possible for us to find our own forever homes where people love us....just like I did. Thank you to Animal Rescue, Inc. and all the other shelters & rescues who care about animals like me.

Submitted by Debra Tackett | January 10 2009 |

I would love to nominate the dearborn animal shelter! I am proud to say that I volunteer there and the experience is absolutely AMAZING. They have inspired so many people and have helped SO many animals!

Submitted by Kathy | January 11 2009 |

My vote is for Animal Rescue, Inc., in New Freedom, Pa. They are a no-kill shelter and have tirelessly cared for thousands of animals for, gosh, must be over 25 years now. The older ones, or the animals with disabilities are cared for at the shelter for life. They take in dogs that have been rescued from horrific puppy mills and work endlessly to get them proper homes. They work every day to promote animal welfare and are well known for their wonderful works. Their website is www.animalrescueinc.org

Submitted by Mimi | January 11 2009 |

I nominate Pets in Distress, (http://www.petsindistress.org), an all volunteer, no-kill rescue group & foster network in Broward County, Florida. My husband and I adopted our dog Chi-Chi from them 3 years ago after finding them on Petfinder.com and they are extremely friendly, well organized, and kind. They are true animal lovers. They paid for Chi-Chi to have eye surgery and be spayed before we ever even met her.

Adopting our dog was one of the best things that has ever happened to us. I am so grateful to them for bringing her into our lives.

Submitted by Daisy | January 11 2009 |

I want to nominate Second Chance Dobe Rescue in
Clinton, Mich.. Founded by Arda Barber in 1981
she rescues/rehabs & finds "Forever Homes" for
100's of dogs a yr. She works 24-7 to help save
as many dobes needing new homes as she can. Her
volunteers help with transport/vet appointments
& helping at the kennel. All monetary donations
go toward the care/rehabilitation of the dogs.
Arda & her angel volunteer group are wonderful
& caring people who deserve all the help they can

Submitted by catherine | January 11 2009 |

I nominate the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Dearborn, MI. My life has changed since I've volunteered there. I have adopted three beautiful animals from there ( one poodle--Lebowski and two cats--Marigold & Sylvia.

Submitted by KimG | January 11 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue Inc. of New Freedom, PA. Since 1976, this rescue has vowed no animal to pass through its doors will ever be homeless again and this promise has not been broken. Animal Rescue ensures a home even if it means keeping that animal on their farm until the end of its days - at times, this has meant up to 9 years - and they wouldn't have it any other way. Not only do I admire the rescue efforts of Animal Rescue but their continuous fight for animal rights. It is their goal to not only give all animals a home but also a voice in this world and their efforts are tireless. While the people who keep this place running 7 days a week do not expect recognition for their dedication they are absolutely deserving. http://www.animalrescueinc.org

Submitted by Mary Dixon | January 11 2009 |

I would like to nominate the NorCal Aussie Rescue. Words cannot express the great work that the founder (Kim) does. She takes dogs from all different scenarios (shelters, puppy mills, abandoned on the street, etc) and dedicates whatever time is needed to help the dog(s) become adoptable.

When I visited the rescue I fell lin love with it. It was something I had always dreamed of doing myself, but have not had the means to do so.

Her website is one of the best I have seen (the other is the Border Collie Rescue in Northern California). It has alot of helpful information for everyone.

Submitted by Stacey | January 11 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue Inc in New Freedom, PA. They are a no-kill shelter that houses hundreds of animals throughout their locations. Animals who are misunderstood, ill, or abandoned live here. I have been a volunteer for almost a year now and it has been a life change. Every person cares so much about all the animals and work extremely hard everyday they are there. They have been working since 1976 to save animals, find homes for them, and create awareness about pet safety and the importance of spaying and neuturing your pet. Their website is www.animalrescueinc.org

Submitted by Kichigai Mom | January 11 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Hawaii Dog Foundation, a no-kill dog rescue organization from Oahu, Hawaii with the motto "No More Homeless Dogs". I adopted two wonderful dogs from them in 2008 and it was a really great experience for all of us - humans and doggies. HDF does not have a shelter - all of the dogs live with foster families until they can find a forever family. The foster families, like everyone at HDF, are dedicated volunteers who generously give their time, talents and finances to care for these dogs. For a majority of the HDF dogs, the foster home is the first time in a long time they have known a life other than abuse, neglect or abandonment. It would be great to show the foster families and the other HDF volunteers how much they are appreciated with a screening of Hotel for Dogs.

Submitted by Christine Exley | January 11 2009 |

For the past ten years, I have spent weekends (and now holidays since I moved away for college) at the Norfolk Animal Care Center. Located in the inner city of Norfolk, Virginia, there is no doubt that the shelter is overpopulated and underfunded. Yet, in the decade since I started volunteering, other volunteers and workers have joined in the fight to improve and save the lives of the thousands of animals that find shelter at the NACC. Perhaps best demonstrated by my rescued pit bull, all these animals need is a chance and they will thrive as man’s best friend.

Submitted by Anonymous | January 11 2009 |

I would like to nominate Santa Barbara Humane society here in santa Barbara Ca. I volunteer there.
The dogs I work with have come from abusive families or families that have move away. The Santa Barbara does have a lot of volunteers. I feel really lucky to be a volunteer there. It makes very sad to see a dog come in and is really scared and skittish . All the years I have worked there many dogs have been adopted and it is really great . The Humane Society works really hard to find great homes. I like working with the dogs. Our shelter is a no kill shelter. I feel this way the word can get out about all the dogs that need a good home. Where i volunteer the staff also use the dogs for therapy and go to different schools to teach the classes with kids. Santa Barbara has taught me to know the different tempers and how they adapt to different people.

Submitted by Lucy | January 12 2009 |

I want to nominate Animal Rescue Inc (http://www.animalrescueinc.org) on the Maryland/Pennsylvania line. They are a no-kill shelter who actively participates in puppy mill rescues, neglect rescues, natural disaster rescues (for example, Katrina victims), and stray animal rescues, to name a few. They are involved in animal rights/legislation issues, and they want to make the world a better place for my "furry" friends who need and deserve a "forever" home. If the animals are not adopted, they live their lives at Animal Rescue, each day hoping for a new Mom or Dad. My name is Lucy, and I came to Animal Rescue along with some of my lab/shepherd mix siblings at the tender age of 4 days old when my "furry" mom could not take care of us. I was placed in a foster home and bottle fed by my foster mom to give me a good start in life. I was later adopted by my new mom and am fortunate to live in my "forever" home. Where would I be without Animal Rescue, Inc?

Submitted by Bridget Keast | January 12 2009 |

Free to Live has provided love, care and homes for thousands of dogs in Central Oklahoma since 1984. They have a full time staff with one on campus 24/7. They spay/neuter and vaccinate and closely screen for disease. There is a promise of no euthanasia. They have a wonderful auction each year that is one of the "Gala events" of the season in Oklahoma City. Each lovable critter has their own distinct name and feature stories of many are included in their flier that comes out regularly. See freetoliveok.com. You will be impressed!

Submitted by Anonymous | January 12 2009 |

I nominate Coastal Pet Rescue, out of Savannah GA.

Their tireless efforts should be applauded. They conduct microchip clinics, work hard to push spaying and neutering, and they even have a feral cat part (The Milton Project) where they catch, neuter, and release feral cats in our area. I know that that isn't something that everyone does. They have loyal volunteers that help out as much as they can, whether its fostering animals, helping out at "The Ranch" or whatever they can do, they do it and do it well. The personalities on each and every person just make them an honor to deal with. Lisa, you and your crew are genuine, and absolutely amazing. Don't forget that.

Submitted by Reina | January 12 2009 |

The Dearborn Animal Shelter in Dearborn, MI is a great because they help animals and we adopted our dog from there.

Submitted by Nikki Morey | January 12 2009 |

Planned Pethood, Inc of Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan would like to be considered for this honor.

As a no-kill organization, PPI provides treatment and rehabilitation for animals, offering adoptable animals (gotten from pounds, strays, surrender, puppy mill) to the public. We work reactively through its creative adoption program by bringing spayed and neutered animals.

To proactively solve this problem, we work with fifteen area veterinarians to provide affordable or free spay/neuter services.

We have saved more animals than any other area rescues with 100% volunteers- no paid staff.

Submitted by Jay | January 12 2009 |

First of all,congratulations to all these organizations for doing such wonderful work! I'm nominating PAWS Chicago,which since 1997 has been instrumental in cutting the city's killing of homeless pets by over half through adoptions,free and low-cost spay/neuter services and community education! PAWS Chicago is recognized as one of the best-run charities in the country,and its legion of dedicated staff members and volunteers share the ultimate goal of making Chicago a completely no-kill city! www.pawschicago.org

Submitted by DogsloveSeattle | January 12 2009 |

I nominate the wonderful Ginger's Pet Rescue, based near Seattle Washington.


Ginger Luke, owner of the non-profit organization, specializes in rescuing death row dogs, and fostering them out and finding forever homes.

Ginger's dream is to purchase a small plot of land (20-30 acres) so she can help even more death row dogs find homes.

Few people have the passion and commitment that Ginger has, and I really hope she and her rockin volunteers win!

BTW I am not an employee or volunteer at the organization, just a local dog industry biz who thinks they do awesome work. I can think of no dog more deserving than one who is slated for certain death. And the people who dedicate themselves to saving them deserve not only to be recognized, but also to have a bit of levity mixed in their days of sacrifice and hard work. They would LOVE this! Oh I hope they win!

Submitted by Labagogo | January 13 2009 |

I nominate the Michigan Humane Society. Having been a volunteer in the animal care center I have come to learn how desperate these times are for animal centers. In the Detroit area people are having trouble feeding themselves, much less their pets. The animal care centers are needed more than ever. Like all the other places like this they could really use the contribution.

Submitted by Marie | January 13 2009 |

Norfolk Animal Care Center in VA is so deserving. The staff works above and beyond the call of duty to ensure all the animals receive the best care. They are exercised, groomed, loved and some even trained to ensure they put their best paw forward for adoption. Volunteers and supporters add to the caring individuals that help make the shelter inviting for potential adopters. Local rescue groups also help when they can. Everyone who works there is so proud when one is adopted or rescued…the call goes out and so do cheers. But not heard is the heartbreak for those who do not go home.

Submitted by Debbie W | January 14 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue, Inc in New Freedom, PA http://www.animalrescueinc.org/ Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill facility and they have a clear cut, ever demanding mission to care for and rehabilitate rescued animals and find new and loving homes for these animals. They provide a low cost spay and neuter clinic weekly at their facility for cats. They also provide volunteer opportunities for folks like me that are looking for a way to help.

Submitted by Jen | January 14 2009 |

Circle Tail, Inc. (www.circletail.org) provides Assistance Dogs to people with mobility, hearing, neurological, and psychiatric disabilities, and promotes the human-canine bond by providing dog adoptions, affordable obedience training, behavior management, and boarding services. Circle Tail does not charge recipients for their dogs, and does not have a breeding program. Since millions of dogs are euthanized each year, carefully selected puppies and/or dogs provide purpose to homeless dogs' lives, and help people with disabilities. Those not suitable for service work are adopted; all dogs and puppies are spayed/neutered before adoption, ensuring none will contribute to the pet overpopulation problem.

Submitted by Silvia | January 14 2009 |

I would like to nominate SHELTER HELPERS ON WHEELS (SHOW) www.shelterhelpersonwheels.com.

Mission Statement: The role of Shelter
Helpers On Wheels is to provide
temporary, voluntary assistance to non-
profit animal welfare organizations and
non-profit animal welfare rescue groups.
Shelter Helpers On Wheels supports
animal welfare and works to encourage
and promote spay/neuter, humane
education, the human-animal bond and
the prevention of animal cruelty.

All volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) Always there to lend a Helping Paw to rescue groups in Northern NJ. From food donations, to fundraisers.

Submitted by Barb P | January 14 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue, Inc in New Freedom, PA http://www.animalrescueinc.org/ Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill facility with dedicated employees and volunteers who make it their mission to care for and rehabilitate rescued animals and find new and loving homes for these animals. They provide a low cost spay and neuter clinic weekly at their facility for cats.

Submitted by Susan Robinson | January 14 2009 |

http://www.animalrescueinc.org/ New Freedom, PA Shelter for cats and their associated dog shelter get my vote. I donate money to them and I'm knitting Snugglies. As an apartment dweller who used to own a "found" dog and several "found" cats, I deeply appreciate how well this shelter looks after animals. The no-kill policy is so admirable, even if it taxes resources. They are most deserving of an award!

Submitted by Patty Ingavo | January 14 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue, Inc., New Freedom, PA. They have many dedicated workers who do such a great job and they are a no kill shelter.

Submitted by Florence Young | January 14 2009 |

I would nominate New Freedom,Pa. Shelter for cats and dogs. They have a great staff of people and volunteers who are dedicated to those sweet animals that have no place to live and no-one to love them. I have seen first hand how they are treated. I give them an
(A+). I know for a fact that they have been known to travel to place these animals to their new homes. http://www,@animalrescueinc.org/ I have donated money to them and was able to be with a few of the lucky kitties that were placed.

Submitted by Lisa | January 14 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue, Inc in New Freedom, PA http://www.animalrescueinc.org/ Animal Rescue, Inc. It is a no-kill shelter and does a great job helping out with animals they recieve with disabilities too!

Submitted by Jeff and Sonia ... | January 14 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue, Inc in New Freedom, PA http://www.animalrescueinc.org/ Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill facility and they have a clear cut, ever demanding mission to care for and rehabilitate rescued animals and find new and loving homes for these animals. They provide a low cost spay and neuter clinic weekly at their facility for cats. They also provide volunteer opportunities for folks like me that are looking for a way to help.

Submitted by Gayle Robinson | January 14 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue, Inc in New Freedom, PA http://www.animalrescueinc.org/ Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill facility and they have a clear cut, ever demanding mission to care for and rehabilitate rescued animals and find new and loving homes for these animals. They provide a low cost spay and neuter clinic weekly at their facility for cats. They also provide volunteer opportunities for folks like me that are looking for a way to help.

Submitted by Lynna Thomas | January 14 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue, Inc in New Freedom, PA http://www.animalrescueinc.org/ Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill facility; they have a clear cut and demanding mission to care for and rehabilitate rescued animals and find new and loving homes for them. They provide a low cost spay/neuter clinic weekly at their facility for cats. They also provide volunteer opportunities for those people that are looking for a way to help. We have our new kitty "Star" as a result of these wonderful people and one of their best volunteers!!

Submitted by Anonymous-Elaine | January 14 2009 |

Animal Ark of Hastings Minnesota-I would like to nominate them for this as they are a no-kill shelter that I have dealt with and like. I had a family, actually two families of feral cats (one by my home and one 3 miles away) that I took care for several years. My neighbor liked the cats and then decided they should disappear as he didn't like them going through his yard. After alot of calls I found Animal Ark of Hastings who would help me spay and neuter them at some cost to me but reasonable. I live trapped 12 cats over a period of days and my neighbor probably got two of which the Police Dept. disposed of! The police would not let me do the trap,neuter,release program so I had to scramble to meet their deadline or face charges. I found a nice lady to take both families of cats but could not have done it without Animal Arks help! Animal Ark is also sponsering a program called Wild Cat Wednesdays in St. Paul to spay/neuter feral cats for free to St. Paul residents and will probably start in Minneapolis as well. They have their own spay/neuter commuter (40' van) that they take and travel to locations to spay and neuter in Minnesota where needed. It is self contained and they have their own Doctor and staff. It is really a great program and they have helped save the lives of cats and taxpayers money in not having to put these animals down when the local authorities are not as forward thinking and only do euthanasia for ferals! They deserve a pat on the back and Mary Halter is a person to talk to about their program

Submitted by Sue Languell | January 14 2009 |

I believe I volunteer for the most wonderful animal shelter there is, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control in Fort Wayne, Indiana (www.fwacc.org)! Their levels of compassion, caring and never-ending dedication to improving the lives of every animal that comes in fills my heart with immense joy and is why I want to nominate them too! I wish I could personally thank everyone affiliated with FWACC for what they’ve done to make things better for animals in need. Please consider yourselves thanked for all you do! FWACC you rock! P.S. I absolutely LOVE The Bark too!

Submitted by Lori | January 15 2009 |

I would like to nominate Animal Rescue, Inc in New Freedom, PA http://www.animalrescueinc.org/ Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill facility and they have a clear cut, ever demanding mission to care for and rehabilitate rescued animals and find new and loving homes for these animals. They provide a low cost spay and neuter clinic weekly at their facility for cats. They also provide volunteer opportunities for folks like me that are looking for a way to help.

Submitted by Rob | January 15 2009 |

Nomination for JLT Rescues, Easton, PA. http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/PA390.html
They are an older couple that do pick-ups for dogs at kill shelters along the east coast. They work on very limited means but manage to rescue dogs as they can. One of their strongest beliefs is they will not adopt out any dog until they personally have had the dog neutered or spayed. They also will not allow adoptions near any big holiday as these dogs usually end back up with them or end up back in a shelter.
While living in New Jersey, we were lucky enough to be able to adopt from them.