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Pet Oxygen Masks
Community outreach effort saves lives of family pets
When Appleton, Wis., resident and Alderman Richard Thompson saw a photograph of a local firefighter giving mouth-to-snout resuscitation to a cat rescued from a house fire, he thought of his own pets. “A pet is family,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to lose Maggie, my Collie, or Lucy, my Tabby cat, to a fire, carbon monoxide poisoning or Lord lord knows what else.” Inspired by the photograph,...
Dog Culture: DogPatch
A Canine All-Star Baseball Team
It’s time dog lovers had their own all-star baseball team. To qualify, one needs only a name or nickname dog-related. Each of the following players were major leaguers: Manager: William “Ruff” Carrigan Coaches: Bob “The Flea” Lillis, Joe “Poodles” Hutcheson Umpires: Al Barker, Aaron Pointer 1B: Henry “Bow Wow” Arft 2B: Charles Bassett SS: George Bone 3B: Bill “Mad Dog” Madlock LF: Leon “Daddy...
Dog Culture: DogPatch
Dog Tattoos
Canine co-pilots inspire a range of tattoo tributes
At a waterpark last summer, I counted a dozen suburban moms with tattoos dotting their ankles, necks and lower backs. It was, for me, a watershed tally. What I’d been reading in trend stories for years finally sank in: Tattooing is mainstream. According to tattoo artists I’ve talked to since, average Joes and Janes have been going under the needle for decades, but popular TV reality shows such...
Dog Culture: DogPatch
Pop Goes the Dog
A Celebration of the Pooch in Popular Music
Martha and McCartney
Musicians and dogs are a lot alike. Both operate on instinct and feeling. Both have finely tuned ears that can pick up good and bad vibrations. And both make the world a better place by helping others feel a little less lonely. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that there’d be mutual appreciation of the musical kind. While dogs compose their own spontaneous tunes—“I Haven’t Seen You in...
Wellness: Recipes
Recipes for Dogs: Meatloaf
An easy-to-make meal
We are big fans of a good meatloaf, and our dogs Jordan and Gertrude were too. We adapted a basic meatloaf recipe using lean meats and adding different grains and vegetables for variety. Our dogs loved garlic, so we always added it, finely chopped; if you have concerns about feeding it to your dog, it can easily be left out. We would make a few of these at a time to freeze, using different...