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Carnival Chalkware Dogs
Collectibles make their mark
Cotton candy, the screams of joyriders, and the tinny music of the merry-go-round and Ferris wheel—long before the modern-day amusement park, the carnival was summer’s go-to place for a good time. These well-worn collections of thrill rides, shooting galleries, games of chance, sideshows and entertainment traveled from place to place. When the carnival came to town, people turned out in droves,...
Dog's Life: Work of Dogs
Life Vest
Helping law dogs
Law enforcement dogs—who are often sent ahead of their human counterparts to investigate dangerous situations and apprehend shady suspects—have one of the toughest jobs in the canine world. Unfortunately, many crime prevention agencies and police departments lack the funds necessary to outfit their dogs with life-saving Kevlar vests. Through the help of private donations, Vest-A-Dog is committed...
Dog Culture: DogPatch
Collecting Antique Dog Tags
Small treasures
In 1888, a stray Terrier mix named Owney was informally adopted by the U.S. Railway Mail Service. Owney’s travels began in Albany, New York; riding on mail sacks, he journeyed all over the U.S. As he traveled, employees of the Railway Mail Service would attach tokens and dog licenses to his custom-made harness and jacket. After his death in 1897, his body was preserved, along with his special...
Good Dog: Behavior & Training
Positive Reinforcement in Dog Training
Research validates positive reinforcement
There was a time when behavioral research focused primarily on primates, wolves and rodents. Today, our domestic canine companions are increasingly being considered as valid subjects for studies intended to improve quality of life for dogs and their humans. Some of these studies were presented at the Sixth International Veterinary Behavior Meeting in Riccione, Italy, in June 2007, and reported in...
Good Dog: Studies & Research
How to Figure Out Your Dog's Mood
Tell-tail signs that your dog is feeling groovy
The next time your dog greets you when you come home, closely watch his tail. Scientists have discovered that a happy dog will wag harder to the right and an anxious dog will wag harder to the left. The study’s findings, “Asymmetric tail-wagging responses by dogs to different emotive stimuli,” was recently published in Current Biology. Co-authors include neuroscientist Giorgio Vallortigara of...
Good Dog: Studies & Research
Understanding Dogs' Body Language
Understanding dogs’ secret language
Speech is probably the most important means of communication for humans. Dogs are different: “speech,” in the sense of barks, whines, howls and other sounds is less crucial for them than many other aspects of their communication. Instead, they use tails, ears, whiskers, mouths, and posture to tell us what they are thinking, and, once you have some idea of what to look for, they are astonishingly...
Dog's Life: Halloween Central
Dog Food Recipes: Pumpkin Cheese Cups
Dog-safe “mutt cups”
Beyond biscuits—here’s a homemade nutritious treat perfect for those festive occasions. Yield: About 24 mini-mutt cups and 24 garnish cookies   Ingredients For the Cups 2 1/2 cups (310 g) whole wheat flour 1/2 cup (40 g) whole rolled oats 1 egg, slightly beaten 1 cup (240 ml) water 1/2 cup (130 g) all-natural crunchy peanut butter   For the Filling 1/2 cup (100 g) puréed pumpkin 16...
Good Dog: Activities & Sports
Open Space Program Makes Off-Leash Dogs Legal in Boulder
Tagged for success in Colorado
With its plentitude of open space (43,000 acres), trails (130 miles) and glorious mountains—plus its progressive humane perspective—Boulder seems like an ideal place to have a dog. Now, with the launch of its “Voice and Sight Dog Tag Program” (TAG), an off-leash registration and educational outreach effort administered by the department of Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP), the city is taking...
Good Dog: Behavior & Training
Behavior: Dog Park Tips
A to-do list for a great dog park visit
Question: I'd like to take my dog to the dog park, but I'm a little nervous about how he'll behave. Any suggestions on how to improve the odds that his visit will be an enjoyable one?   Answer: Teaching your dog key skills so that he will have a good dog park experience is important. At a minimum, be sure that you can call your dog to you and ask him to settle down. You will feel (and be) more in...
Good Dog: Activities & Sports
Walk Your Dog in Washington, DC's Congressional Cemetary
Good works, good walks
For 200 years, Washington, DC’s, 32-acre Congressional Cemetery—privately owned by the Episcopal church—has provided a resting place for many Americans, from notables such as Civil War photographer Matthew Brady, John Philip Sousa and J. Edgar Hoover to the laborers who helped construct the nearby Capitol, as well as lawmakers who served there. By the early 20th century, Congressional’s...