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No Animals Were Harmed
Or were they?
Recently, several movies have shown unauthorized disclaimers at the end of the credits stating that no animals were harmed in the making of the film. Only the American Humane Association has the authority to grant this disclaimer to a film, and that’s after careful monitoring and inspection of the set and the animal actors involved in the film’s production. Some films have posted this disclaimer...
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New Tool for Adoption Efforts
Videotaping temperament tests?
Ozzie, a four-ish Shar Pei-mix with a brindle coat was delivered to a Los Angeles shelter in a shopping cart. The day dog trainer Robert Cabral met him, the dog laid on the floor in total shock. Because of this, Cabral says, Ozzie was “red-listed,” given fewer than seven days before being euthanized. So Cabral administered and videotaped a temperament test, which Ozzie appears to ace, and sent it...
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Enter the Crypton “Home Away from Home” Contest
Is your local shelter’s lobby looking a little … well … tired? Is its adoption or “meet and greet” room a bit frayed around the edges? Crypton Fabric is here to help brighten up one of these areas with some of its colorful and durable products. Nominate your favorite shelter in 100 words or less—tell us what’s needed to make one of its public areas more inviting. Post as a comment below by...
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Alert: Home Office Danger
Dog lacerates tongue in a paper shredder.
We often write about the joys—and challenges—of having your dog by your side when you work. We’ve even outlined some rules of the road, including keeping paper shredders unplugged. But when it comes to shredders we were worried about tails and ears. Now, we add tongues to that list and special urgency to the warning. You’ll understand when you read about a sweet Miami mutt named Diamond, who...
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Sharing Thoughts of Cleo & Me
What I’ve come to realize is that Cleo is in such a better place … doggie heaven. She, at least in my mind, received the greatest gift I could give her—me at her side for her last morning on earth. Is that too presumptuous? I hope she took it in the spirit meant—that as her human companion, I would have my hand on her back, lean down and whisper that I loved her in her ear as the vet shaved the...
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Stanny’s Song. New Video!
Bark exclusive: World web premiere of “Half-Breed Stan”
[Editor's note: We originally debuted the audio track of Bill DeMain’s song, “Half-Breed Stan,” on our website back in January—see details from the original below. Now, we’re thrilled to share the video for the song, which features a cameo by Stan the Dog--at the bottom of the post. Enjoy.]   When it comes to writing about dog songs, Bark’s go-to guy is Nashville-based guitarist-singer-songwriter...
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Listen To Your Dog
A non-doglover heeds Malti-Poo’s warning.
My editor sent me a story a few weeks back about a woman who says a dog saved her from a life-threatening brain injury. I added the story to my virtual "To Read" folder and only got to it yesterday, when it hit me like a ton of bricks. The short version: A nurse in Missouri was fighting off what she thought was a severe migraine headache when a colleague’s Maltese-Poodle mix (for whom she had no...
News: Karen B. London
Michael Vick Joins the NFL Again
Does he deserve this second chance?
Michael Vick has returned to the NFL to play football after serving 18-months in prison following his conviction. Many people are upset that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed him, and are shocked that he has been reinstated in the league. As a dog lover in my private life and a dog behaviorist in my professional life, I’m disgusted by what he did. I had trouble reading about the specifics of...
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His Name’s Not Reggie
How you can help a soldier's dog in need.
If you have an inbox, then you’ve probably heard about Reggie. The fictional tale reminds us that military dog owners face difficult choices when called to war. Unless they can find a temporary home for their dog, the shelter is the only option. Military Pets Foster Project matches soldiers with people willing to foster their pets while they’re away on duty. It’s impossible to thank a soldier...
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Remembering Tirowa
Don’t we always want just one more song?
I spent the last few weeks carrying my German Shepherd up the stairs at night. I couldn’t bear the thought of Tirowa waking in the night alone. He would surely try to climb the stairs to be with his people. He would fall, and be dishonored by his defeat. My once-heroic dog was reduced to a frail body riddled with cancer. However, his downy white coat covered the protruding bones with velvety...